Thursday, November 20, 2014


Say what? New designs? 
Is it just us, or do you all kind of feel like: WHAM, BAM, suddenly it’s NOVEMBER! Which of course means it’s almost December, and therefore nearly January and the start to a whole new year. Time is whipping past like a whirlwind and life can sure feel chaotic, but we’re embracing the momentum with open arms and fearless excitement because so many great things are a part of that crazy storm. It's a wild time for sure, but that's the way we roll.
Sunset Cliffs
Barcelona Nights
Team Race 2015
For the girls…we introduced bras in late 2014.

A sneak peek of tights-in-progress
Barcelona Nights cycling ensemble
One reason our SOAS bikini bottoms are all in a bunch is the anticipation of our 2015 line. Not only do we have four all-new knock-em-dead designs (if we may say so ourselves), we also have plans to expand beyond our current tri, bike and run basics to introduce some new sport styles as well as a few SOAS lifestyle pieces. We’re dreaming big, driven by our aim to always deliver a perfect trifecta of FASHION, FIT and FUNCTION in everything we do. And, we’re so happy to have you–our loyal and amazing customers–along for the ride! 

SOAS ambassadors at Ironman Arizona. Note SOAS founder Steph's  fancy new tights!

Another thing that has us giddy beyond belief is our SOAS Racing Ambassador Team. In 2014 we pulled together our most impressive team to date–a bevvy of brave and talented beauties (inside and out) from around the globe. These gals grabbed onto the meaning of “team” and sprinted away with it, forming bonds of friendship, fun and support beyond our wildest dreams. They’ve been outright outstanding ambassadors for the brand–women we’re extremely proud to have on board as part of our SOAS family. And now, as we head into 2015, we’re gearing up for an even bigger, better, badder-ass (yes, we take liberties with the English language as well as with sports apparel styling here at SOAS) team than ever before. The number of applications we received for the 2015 team was overwhelming (yep, we read every single one), flattering (we’re humbled at how many of you expressed interest) and a testament to our current team members (because their enthusiasm is highly contagious). There’s a lot to look forward to next year, for sure!
Our team members went wild with signage at IM AZ!
So that’s what we’ve been up to. What about you? We do love hearing from you–so anytime you have a comment, a question, a quip or, heck–even a haiku–to share, post away on our Facebook page or shoot us a personal message (

Meanwhile, enjoy your own whirlwind of activity–whatever it may be and wherever it takes you! 

- The SOAS Crew


  1. wooooohooooo! Can't wait for 2015! Love being a part of this amazing group of ladies!!!

  2. OMG they're all so cute! I thought I wanted the Coral Lummi tri kit but now I don't know! (Maybe all? lol)