Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ladies Weekend!

We had the good fortune to attend two fantastic events this weekend. The first was the GOTRIbal® conference and retreat on Saturday, and the second was the U.S. Women’s triathlon at Mission Bay on Sunday.
Soas was overwhelmed with positive feedback and good vibes on our kits. We loved getting to meet everyone!
At the GOTRIbal® event, we got to interact with women who were there to learn about the finer points of the triathlon such as transitions, bike fit and run technique. At the women's race, we got to see many of them put what they learned to the test (which they passed with flying colors).
In a way, the events served as bookends. On Saturday the women were inquisitive and full of pent up energy. On Sunday, they got to unleash!
If you’ve thought about doing a triathlon but haven’t yet, I encourage you to go to one and see the face of someone toward the end of the race and just after they’re crossed the finish line. In a matter of seconds, their expression goes from one of extreme effort as they dig deep, to elation as they cross the line and realize what they’ve accomplished, to an almost childlike giddiness as they recap the nuances of the day with friends!
It’s truly amazing.
And if you are a newbie or veteran looking for resources on getting better at the sport, you simply HAVE to check out gotribalnow.com! It is an amazing collection of women, inspiration and knowledge - all focused on triathlon. And as a shameless plug, check out the GOTRIbal® Collection - the new kits are available for pre-order!


Steph & Michael at the Soas booth at the GOTRIbal® event

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Sum of Its Parts:

We are really excited about the features of our triathlon kits. Each one is designed with a long-distance woman in mind and addresses a problem the both of us have encountered many times.

Let's discuss:
  1. Longer Flared Tanks - So many tri tops are very short and unless you are one of the 2% with washboard abs and the confidence to show them off, this cut is not flattering. The hemline of our top dips over the waistband of the short to ensure coverage and eliminates the chance of a racing strip sunburned into your lower back as you are bent over the aerobars. It flares ever so slightly to accommodate a woman's hips to prevent that window shade roll-up effect of straight-down tanks.
  2. Elastic-Free Waistbands - Complimentary to the above item, we have designed the waistband of our shorts without restrictive and unflattering elastic. But it is still snug enough to stay up, even when soaking wet. Yes, SOAS has banned the muffin top! 
  3. 5-Pocket System - Ever lose your chapstick in your jersey pocket because it is stuck under your rolled-up jacket? Have you ever launched your gel trying to extract it from under a water bottle stashed in your back pocket? Well, paired together, our shorts and tank offer a system of five pockets so you can organize large and small items. Two deep rear pockets on the tank are large enough to hold water bottles or arm warmers. Three shallow pockets on the shorts give you a place to stash your smaller items (chapstick, salt tabs) so they won't get lost. Placing them on the rear of the garment ensures optimum aerodynamics.
  4. Single-Layer Fleece Pad - Despite popular belief, our research shows that a thinner pad means less friction and discomfort "down there" during and after a long ride.
  5. Chafing Prevention - We use soft fluff thread and rub-reducing stitching. Seams are strategically placed outside of rub-zones.  Also, we only use heat transfers for logos and garment information so there are no scratchy tags.
  6. Compression Bra - Our bra cups are made of compression spandex that maximizes support while the rest of the bra is made of super-soft, breathable mesh. Chances are, you won't have to double bag (read: wear an additional sports bra).
  7. Mesh Rear Panel - The tank back is made of breathable mesh to allow maximum core cooling.
  8. UV-Protection - the fabric of our kits has built-in UV protection in the fibers.
  9. Anti-Microbial - Our fabric is anti-microbial and wicking so even when you have a long drive home after an epic ride, you won't have to worry.
  10. Stylish - Perhaps the most important feature? We have classic and cool designs that make you look good while sweating. What's not to like?
Are these things you can relate to? If so, you have to give SOAS a try! Check out our website at soasracing.com to go shopping!

SOAS: What you get after too much chafing and a few bottles of wine


Based in San Diego, SOAS Racing is a new line of women's triathlon clothing. Phonetically named for the long core muscle so important to athletic performance, SOAS is dedicated to creating high-quality, functional and stylish outfits for female endurance athletes.  I’m Kebby, and along with my friend, training buddy and business partner, Stephanie, we will be using this blog to keep everyone up to speed on the activities and adventures of SOAS.

I suppose one of the first things we should do is tell you why we started the company.  Steph and I both love endurance sports.  Most weekends will find us out on an eight hour ride through the Southern California mountains.  With all the miles and hours put into training, we've learned some valuable lessons.

Such as:
• where things start to chafe
• whether a tank with a shelf bra will need "double bagging" with a sports bra underneath
• why it is hard to stash gels, salt tabs, chapsticks and keys without losing something or each 

  item jangling around

Due to these issues, we were never perfectly happy with the clothes available to us - either functionally or aesthetically. Especially since Steph can't stomach the thought of a generic pink top with black bike shorts (but then again Steph isn't known to mince words).

One evening after a good bit of wine (hey, antioxidants...very good for the skin!), we decided we could make our own clothes that performed better and were more attractive.
Thus, Soas was born.
We are ready with our first line of coordinated triathlon kits.
And we are so excited you are here to join us for what we hope is an amazing journey.

Stay tuned. Be safe. Train smart. And of course... drink wine!