Friday, February 13, 2015


As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re over the moon excited to announce a few new SOAS Racing partnerships that have our hearts all aflutter.

It’s no secret that SOAS ladies love wine. So what better sponsor to bring on board our ambassador team than one of the most unique winemakers we know–The Infinite Monkey Theorem ( TIMT is a self-professed “back alley winery” based in Denver, Colorado. This urban enclave of grapey goodness is all about crafting ridiculously good wine and fostering a cool community in which to enjoy it, minus the pretense of the typical vineyard tasting room or overblown connoisseur jargon. 

We encourage all fans of SOAS to likewise become fans of TIMT. Visit the TIMT website to learn more about the brand; like and follow TIMT on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Instagram; and subscribe to the newsletter to stay in the loop on the latest TIMT happenings. And most importantly, order up some 4-packs of cans (yes, wine in cans–perfect for picnics, parties or post-race) or traditional bottles. Your family, friends and taste buds will thank you!

Another new team sponsor for 2015 is Rudy Project, manufacturer of the finest technologically advanced helmets and eyewear on the planet! We had the pleasure of working in close proximity with the Rudy Project crew at the Ironman World Championship in Kona last year, and the positive connection between our brands was immediate. You’ll see many of our SOAS Racing ladies sporting the latest and greatest Rudy Project products at races around the globe. Want some great gear for yourself? Check out and shop to your heart’s content! Plus, be sure to like and follow our new friends on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

We’re also thrilled to have several long-term sponsors back on board for the 2015 season, including Reynolds Cycling, XTERRA Wetsuits and Oeno Beauty, plus a few soon-to-be-announced partnerships that are still in the works (ooh, how we love a secret!).

With this rock star roster of brands supporting our team, we’re certain of one thing–that regardless of where our ladies land on the podium, we’ll all be #WINNING.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

- The SOAS Crew

Monday, January 26, 2015


Photo credit: Delly Carr
Hailing from Great Britain (by way of a six-year stint in Australia and currently residing in California), Laura Siddall is new to the SOAS Racing professional roster–and we’re absolutely thrilled to have her on board! Always athletic, Laura cut her triathlon teeth as an age grouper while living in Australia and soon found success. She moved up to the pro ranks after being the overall female amateur winner at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in 2013, leaving her full-time job as a mechanical engineer and relocating to San Francisco in 2014 to train with renowned coach Matt Dixon and his purplepatch squad. Laura’s professional Ironman debut came later that year in Arizona, where she scored an impressive eighth place and laid the groundwork for a promising career. Next up, Laura will head to New Zealand to tackle the tough-as-nails Challenge Wanaka iron-distance on February 22nd. “It's meant to be absolutely stunning, so I’m pretty excited to visit and race in that part of the world,” says Laura. “After that I'll settle back in the U.S. for the majority of the year, but I’m not sure what races are on the cards yet–apart from Matt wanting me to race a lot!”

We had a chance to “take 5” with Laura in the midst of her Wanaka build to get to know this talented Brit just a tad bit better. Five questions was all it took to quickly understand that she’s a fun (and funny) lady with an unwavering passion for all things swim, bike and run.

SOAS isn’t the first uniform you’ve worn. In fact, you served a year as an officer in the British Army–proving, without a shadow of a doubt, your total badassery! Can you tell us what role you served in the army and what that entailed, or is that double secret squirrel confidential intel?
Laura: Yes, if I tell you I'll have to kill you! Ha ha! I was a Second Lieutenant with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME). We were attached to a Royal Artillery Regiment, with High Velocity Missile weapons (basically big missiles that fire land to air, to take out enemy aircraft). My actual job wasn't all that snazzy as I was in charge of the Mechanical Workshop HQ, and a team of men and women, ensuring all the Artillery vehicles were maintained and in working order. But I had a great bunch of guys to work with and met some really fantastic people. It also involved a lot of sport, adventure training, socializing and a lot of fun! 

You relocated to San Francisco in summer 2014. What are a few of your favorite Bay Area training spots, and how does your deep-seated fear of sharks figure into open water training in the chilly NorCal waters?
Laura: My fear of sharks is so much that I haven't ventured into the open water here! Actually it's more that it's flippin’ cold and not quite the gorgeous ocean of Bondi Beach! However I love being by the water and the coast and the San Fran Bay is truly stunning. So many fab training spots. In fact I just came back from what I think was my best run–certainly in terms of location. I just followed the coast from the Golden Gate Bridge to Lands End and the Cliff House and back. It was simply amazing views all the way. I also love running in Golden Gate Park and I know I've only scratched the surface of the number of paths and trails to run there. Cycling wise, again we’re so lucky that we are spoilt for choice with some really great rides. I love riding over Highway 1 from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach, or back. Again the road follows the coast so it's just awesome looking out over the ocean and it is a really solid gradient to work on. 

What’s one of the weirdest things you’ve ever done in the name of triathlon?
Laura: OK, I'm sure there are a lot of weird things! Driving in the car in my wetsuit perhaps (pre and post swim), or pulling an all-nighter before Melbourne Ironman as we drove the length of the marathon course, chalking the road and putting up signs literally every few miles of the course (a marathon is a flippin’ long way!), but probably–and again it was as spectator/cheer squad member at Ironman Melbourne that same year– that I was dressed as a zebra (on no sleep as well, after the above mentioned all-nighter), cheering friends all the way, start to finish. I was cycling up and down the run course, which I imagine could have been a pretty surreal experience for some of the athletes at that stage in the race, seeing a zebra on a bike! 
Photo credit: Delly Carr

How would your best friends describe you? 
Laura: Loyal, determined, persistent, considerate, genuine and hard working. (I'm also adding in hilariously funny and smart–ha ha!)

What’s an embarrassing fact about yourself that you’re willing to share with the entire world, right here, right now?
Laura: I took part in the Spencer Tunick nude photograph on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. [Google it, people!] It's definitely not something I'd normally do, but for some reason it seemed like a good idea at the time. It was certainly very surreal, standing naked with a few thousand other people! 

Be sure to follow Laura as she trains and races around the world, via her website ( and on Twitter @lmsiddall. Watch for her on the racecourse and on the podium; aside from the occasional zebra suit, she’ll be proudly sporting SOAS! 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Here we are on the eve of 2015, barely able to believe another year has gone by. But we’re not bemoaning the past–rather, we’re eager as can be for what lies ahead. We’re antsy with anticipation for what’s around the corner–another year of awesome experiences and accomplishments. Here’s a look at 15 things we’re especially fired up about as we festively ring in ’15:

  1. New styles! We can’t wait to introduce some new apparel styles this year. First up will be our run tights, so stay tuned! 
    A preview of our Barcelona Nights Run Tight.
  2. New designs! We showed you teasers in a previous blog post of our four new 2015 designs–Sunset Cliffs, Barcelona Nights, Varsity and Team Race 2015. The countdown is on until they hit the shelves! 
  3. Our SOAS Racing Ambassador Team. Each year our team has grown and evolved and we can honestly say our 2015 group of ladies will be the best bunch to date! 
  4. Our SOAS Racing Ambassador Team. Whoops, we repeated that one–but only because we are so gosh darn excited about these incredible ladies! 
    Look for our SOAS Racing athletes in this cool custom 2015 team design.
  5. The races. From Ironman to Challenge to XTERRA and every wonderful local race, big and small, there are more and more start lines popping up around the world every year, and we love watching all the action unfold!
  6. Jam-packed gyms in January. Just kidding! But we are excited to see so many people out and about (or indoors at the gym) getting active with renewed resolve. 
  7. An end to the holiday treats. Willpower? What willpower? We love chocolate and cookies as much as (or more than) the next person, and we firmly believe in indulging our decadent desires from time to time. But we’ve just about reached our sugar-saturated max. Kale salad, anyone?
  8. Being another year older and another year wiser, business-wise. Each year of experience better educates us for the year ahead, and we’re deeply appreciative of the lessons we’ve learned to date. That’s not to say we won’t make mistakes going forward, but hey–there’s always wine to soothe the growing pains!
  9. The next big thing in social media. From Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest, we’re certainly hooked–and who’s not? So where’s it going next? Will 2015 find us all Twonking and Fosting and Unigramming? Whatever it is, count us in on the next great craze! 
  10. Awards season. Who doesn’t love red carpet fashions and slightly drunk celebs? And with the biting wit of BFF duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler kicking things off at the Golden Globes on January 11th, there’s at least one popcorn and wine fueled girls’ night in our near future. 
  11. Summer. Oh come on, isn’t everyone everywhere always looking forward to summer?
  12. The places we’ll go...
  13. ...and the people we’ll meet! 
  14. The glasses we’ll raise–starting tonight, and all year long. Because really, if you look hard enough there’s always something to celebrate! 
  15. The great unknowns. Those big, bold, beautiful things that happen when we open our minds and our hearts to adventure and embrace the wild, wonderful world at our feet. 
Are you ready? 2015, here we come! 

- The SOAS Crew

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Say what? New designs? 
Is it just us, or do you all kind of feel like: WHAM, BAM, suddenly it’s NOVEMBER! Which of course means it’s almost December, and therefore nearly January and the start to a whole new year. Time is whipping past like a whirlwind and life can sure feel chaotic, but we’re embracing the momentum with open arms and fearless excitement because so many great things are a part of that crazy storm. It's a wild time for sure, but that's the way we roll.
Sunset Cliffs
Barcelona Nights
Team Race 2015
For the girls…we introduced bras in late 2014.

A sneak peek of tights-in-progress
Barcelona Nights cycling ensemble
One reason our SOAS bikini bottoms are all in a bunch is the anticipation of our 2015 line. Not only do we have four all-new knock-em-dead designs (if we may say so ourselves), we also have plans to expand beyond our current tri, bike and run basics to introduce some new sport styles as well as a few SOAS lifestyle pieces. We’re dreaming big, driven by our aim to always deliver a perfect trifecta of FASHION, FIT and FUNCTION in everything we do. And, we’re so happy to have you–our loyal and amazing customers–along for the ride! 

SOAS ambassadors at Ironman Arizona. Note SOAS founder Steph's  fancy new tights!

Another thing that has us giddy beyond belief is our SOAS Racing Ambassador Team. In 2014 we pulled together our most impressive team to date–a bevvy of brave and talented beauties (inside and out) from around the globe. These gals grabbed onto the meaning of “team” and sprinted away with it, forming bonds of friendship, fun and support beyond our wildest dreams. They’ve been outright outstanding ambassadors for the brand–women we’re extremely proud to have on board as part of our SOAS family. And now, as we head into 2015, we’re gearing up for an even bigger, better, badder-ass (yes, we take liberties with the English language as well as with sports apparel styling here at SOAS) team than ever before. The number of applications we received for the 2015 team was overwhelming (yep, we read every single one), flattering (we’re humbled at how many of you expressed interest) and a testament to our current team members (because their enthusiasm is highly contagious). There’s a lot to look forward to next year, for sure!
Our team members went wild with signage at IM AZ!
So that’s what we’ve been up to. What about you? We do love hearing from you–so anytime you have a comment, a question, a quip or, heck–even a haiku–to share, post away on our Facebook page or shoot us a personal message (

Meanwhile, enjoy your own whirlwind of activity–whatever it may be and wherever it takes you! 

- The SOAS Crew