Tuesday, December 31, 2013


People often tie their New Year’s resolutions to past failures–areas where they feel they’ve come up short or somehow performed subpar. And they’re painfully predictable. The most common resolutions sound like something straight from a late-night television ad:

Exercise more!
Eat healthier!
Lose weight!

There’s nothing wrong with these motivational missives–goals are good things, and surely we all have room for self-improvement. But how about taking a slightly different tack in 2014? Why not start your personal progress project with a pat on the back, appreciation for what you already do right? After all, as an endurance athlete you probably adhere to a decent diet, exercise almost daily and are far more fit than the average American. So congratulate yourself. Give your exercise regimen big ups. Be proud of the massive plate of food you just plowed through–recovery from your rigorous morning run. Smile at your buns of steel. Parade around in your skinny jeans–because hell yeah, they fit!

Once you’re feeling proud and positive (not to mention pretty darn hot), then take time to make an action plan. Just be sure to acknowledge your current state of awesomeness first–because with that as a starting point, 2014 is bound to be your best year yet!