Tuesday, March 4, 2014


February may have been a short month, but it packed a big punch of activity. There was the universal feel-the-love focus on the 14th, when we couldn’t help but get a bit warm and fuzzy. There was the anticipation beginning to fill the air–even though winter still holds a fierce grip on much of the country–that spring is in sight (we promise–seriously–warmer weather isn’t too far away). And in the SOAS circle February marked the celebration of 10 SOAS Racing Ambassador Team member birthdays–girls gearing up for a fabulous season ahead, clothed in our fit/fashion/function focused apparel.

Worldwide, we had several SOAS spottings in Asia last month. Team athlete Holly Bennett rocked her Polka Dot kit on a long run through the Philippine jungle while on assignment for Triathlete Magazine in Subic Bay. And on race morning at Challenge Philippines, she caught up with her pal and Asia-based ex-pat Rebecca Kynaston, glitzed out in Green Gingham and gearing up for a great day. We’re sure some of you took SOAS along in your travels; we’d love to see your photos of Nantucket Navy, Black Carbon, Pink Peacock or any of our other prints making their way around the globe, so please send them our way!

Around these parts we’ve also been particularly active, putting the final touches on our production of team gear and shipping it off to our playful and passionate ambassadors.

This year’s team kit–and a whole heap of other team-specific apparel–is exclusive to the SOAS Racing Ambassador Team athletes. So when you see our specially chosen ladies out there, crushing the racecourse or cruising around town, be sure to give them a cheer–and don’t be shy to ask any and every question you have about our products and about their experience representing our brand. Who knows, maybe you’ll turn into a SOAS ambassador-in-training!

All work and no play would be, well, pretty boring–so we took time out from production for a happy hour with a few of our San Diego based crew (here’s SOAS founder Steph with team members Kimmie Rouse, Jenna Hardy & Steph Gibson).

We like to shout out to our ladies whenever we can, so here’s a big Happy Birthday to the women born in February! Get to know them–via each of their favorite quotes–below: 

- The SOAS Crew