Wednesday, April 30, 2014


There’s been a whole lot to celebrate at SOAS this month. OK, maybe that’s because we were so wrapped up in season opener race action last month (at Oceanside and elsewhere around the globe) that we, um, forgot to post a happy birthday blog for our March ladies! But maybe that’s a good thing. Because now, as we double up in celebrating both our March and April-born teammates, we’ll also take a moment to reflect on the pure awesomeness of birthdays, period.

We LOVE birthdays. We’re not just talking about the birthdays of our youth, when that single day was by far the best of the entire year, a parade of presents and giggles and girlfriends and some sort of special party. We’re talking about birthdays now, and how we celebrate them as full-fledged adults. For one, there’s the wine...and everyone knows how much we SOAS ladies love our vino! In fact, the addition of wine is really the main thing that’s changed in our celebration style–we’re still pretty much suckers for girlfriends and giggles and special parties. (Our own Andrea, sister to founder Steph, celebrated her birthday with a big night of bowling!)

But there’s another aspect to birthdays entirely that also makes us swoon. That’s the way they refresh us each year, giving us a chance to start anew, no matter what challenges we faced (or fumbled) in the prior months. In reality, a birthday is just a day, like any other day, among seven in a week, 30-ish in a month and 365 in a year. But there is something special about a birthday–it’s undeniable. Sure, it’s an actual milestone (the progression of age), yet it’s also an imaginary jumping off point for whatever adventures lie ahead. And whether or not we’re inflating its importance is irrelevant. For us, each birthday really is a new beginning–or at least we choose to view it that way–a rebirth of our moxie and our mission to make the next year the best one yet.
It’s in that spirit that we celebrate our March and April SOAS Racing birthday girls, their quotes (below) giving a glimpse into what inspires each of them.  We also give a shout out to all our athletes that raced recently–and we invite everyone to check out our Oceanside Album and see some of our new 2014 kits in action!

Happy Birthday, SOAS ladies!