Monday, June 25, 2012

Strong at 56, SOAS Ambassador Kim Rouse

SOAS Gal Kim Rouse

Meet SOAS Ambassador Kim Rouse from San Diego, California.  She started running in college as a means of relieving stress.  It became addicting and she kept increasing the mileage.  At 30, she found a national coach and qualified for the 1988 Olympic Trials Marathon within two years.  At 40 she joined the master’s circuit and finished 3rd in the country, racing distances from 5k to marathons all over the country.

Kim had many friends from the early days of triathlon who she used to run with on long runs.  Raising a family and working full time, she couldn’t quite see the logistics of training for a triathlon yet.  She and husband Mike visited Kona one year after her youngest daughter was in high school and became mesmerized by the Ironman start. Mike decided to take the plunge.  He had never swam before.  The next thing they knew, they were getting hand me downs from Michellie Jones.  Kim qualified for Kona in 2005 and took on coach Paul Huddle and the rest is history.

This is now Kim’s 8th Kona she will compete in this year and has been on the podium in her age-group all but the first year.  Kim says she has made so many great friends along the way and is so grateful for what the sport has taught her.

As if life isn’t full and busy as it is, in 2009 she decided to take on the Hawaii Ultraman World Championships.  In her first year she broke the 50-59 age-group record by over 4 hours!  And she’s got another one in the works this November.

Besides triathlon she’s blessed with a wonderful supportive children and grandchildren who she and Mike take pride in being healthy role models for.

Kim took her Kona slot this year by placing 2nd AG in Honu 70.3 this year. 

Kimmie LOVES SOAS because of it’s comfort and style while training and racing. 

We can’t wait to see Kimmie Rouse at 70.3 Worlds next and then Kona and Ultraman!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting Stronger...

So, we all know if you want to get stronger, you have to work for it.  We asked our Team SOAS Ladies, "What are some of your favorite training workouts?"  Some train hard, some train fast, and some just train.  Putting in one of these great weekly workouts is sure to boost your fitness. Thank you so much for sharing with us! 


6000 M/Yrds
10x400 at IM pace on :15 rest (with 500 w/u and 500 c/d).
“It always shows up right before a recovery week and whips my tail!”

3800 M/Yrds
500 w/u
200 swim, 100 kick, 200 pull
3200 Main Set, no break
            100 easy, 100 hard
            200 easy, 200 hard
            300 easy, 300 hard
            400 easy, 400 hard
            300 easy, 300 hard
            200 easy, 200 hard
            100 easy, 100 hard
100 c/d
“I love this set because it’s a good consistent swim that I don’t have to think about.  I just do it.”


This video shows the specifics of this workout.
(Trainer Workout)
Duration 2:00:00
15 minute W/U
7 x 5 min hills as-
2 min ALL OUT, 1 min BIG gear out of saddle grinding, 45 seconds seated spinning as hard as you can, 15 seconds easy, 1 minute in gear of choice building up to max effort with the last 15 secs out of saddle sprinting.
            3 min easy between each one.
After that I do 1 x 20-30 minute High Tempo interval in TT position as 4 min pushing 60rpm, 1 min pushing 110 rpms.
Followed by a RUN!!!
10 min w/u
30 sec hard, 30 sec easy
45 sec hard, 45 sec easy
1 min hard, 1 min easy
45 sec hard, 45 sec easy
30 sec hard, 30 sec easy
THEN-4 x 3 min threshold hill climbs. Jog back recover each time.
5 min c/d

Here’s another great one!
Duration 1:30:00
10 min w/u
5 min one leg drills in base gear (middle), 30 sec per leg with 30 sec rest
5 x 30 sec slow build ups. Big Gear front, with Middle gear back, shift harder gear every 10 seconds, rest 30 seconds
6 x 5 min in Base gear at 85% HR
Rest 3 minutes in between
Then, 25 minutes Big front/ Small back, standing every other minute
5 min c/d


4 miles- Track Workout
(400, 800 x 2, 1200) X 2
Run this at sub 5k pace and keep consistent.

Yasso 800’s, for an open marathon
First determine your marathon pace.  Let’s say your goal is 3:30
Now shift the units so that it becomes minutes and seconds instead of hours and minutes. (3:30 becomes 3 minutes, 30 seconds.)
Run 800m at this pace, then lightly jog for the same amount of time.
Do this as many times as possible. Start with about 5-6 repeats and build to 10.
In theory, the Yasso 800’s will build you up to running that goal marathon pace.

The Fartlek, for a simple, no-brainer, speed-play workout
50 minutes total:
1. 15 minutes of easy running.
2. 1 minute hard, one minute easy x 5.
3. 5 minutes of easy running.
4. 1 minute hard, one minute easy x 5.
5. 10 minutes of easy running.